Sep 302010

So I’m packing up for the trip to Las Vegas to play in my first ice hockey tournament with the Bucktooth Angry Dolphins, and I am now taking the time to indulge in the time honored tradition known as “Loading the Gadget Bag”.

Here’s what’s in my Crumpler™ ‘Considerable Embarrassment’ bag for the trip:
– MacBook Pro w/AC Adapter
– Podium CoolPad for aforementioned MacBook
– 1TB Western Digital Elements USB hard drive for Time Machine backups
– NASA-branded 4 port USB Hub
– 32GB iPhone 3GS
– 16GB iPad (WiFi)
– Apple 10W USB Power Adapter (for iPad/iPhone)
– Apple iPod USB Power Adapter
(two people, two iPhones, 1 iPad. Need more than one charger.)
– Razer Copperhead 2000dpi mouse
– Sony MDR-V6 headphones
– SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket iPhone mic’d headphones
– Microfiber towel (yes, I’m a hoopy frood who knows where my towel is. Don’t Panic.)

What did I forget?

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Sep 152010

Latest hate:

Has anyone EVER changed the “printed items” font and had it do ANYTHING?

I’m pretty sure it’s just another one of those ‘features’ in Entourage that doesn’t actually work. It’s just useless UI.

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 9.31.23 AM.png

I hate Entourage. It cannot die quick enough for me.

iTunes: On Eagles Wings by Theocracy, from Mirror Of Souls

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Sep 012010

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 9.25.42 AM.png

This is something that should have been part of iOS/MacOS/MobileMe from the start. It’s a little bit of a bummer that I have to rely on a third party solution for a fully sync’ed plain text notebook across all of my devices, but at least there is a solution.

Just a couple of things I like about it versus the also somewhat useful Evernote:

1. It’s just plaintext. No fancy formatting, nothing to bog down the process of getting an idea into my digital universe. Just a simple text input interface, with basic tagging for organizational purposes. No funky RTF issues (yes, Evernote… I’m talking to you). This is not a ‘catch all’ notebook. It’s someplace to dump those things I want to look into later, when I have time. For instance… what ever happened to my copy of Knee Deep In The Hoopla, or how wide is Idina Menzel‘s vocal range?

2. Native apps EVERYWHERE. In the case of my Mac, I can use Notational Velocity, a very cool and very clean open-source notepad app to access my notes. And when I take a note in one place, I get it everywhere. Ubiquitous data for the win (FTW). Oh… and though I haven’t bothered to use it, there’s apps that work on that buggy, sucky OS I use for playing a couple of key games to my nerd lifestyle.

iTunes: Concerto in E Major for Two Pianos and Orchestra: I. Allegro vivace by Love Derwinger and Roland Pöntinen, from The 99 Most Essential Mendelssohn Masterpieces (Amazon Exclusive)

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