Jul 242008

Joss Whedon is my hero.

My friend Shane and I have been ranting about the “New Order” for some time, in which content could be made directly for iTunes and distributed without the evil networks having to bless it (to avoid them screwing things up like Fox did with Firefly)… and now it seems like Joss is ready to make it happen. According to this blog post by Jeffrey McManus (which has been validated by comments from Joss himself), this distribution methods appears to be financially viable.

In other words, something like “Firefly Season 2” would be plausible in a “pay per view” via iTunes format.

The revolution will not be televised, but you will be able to download it from iTunes for $1.99 an episode. And the networks can suck it.

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Jan 092008

OK… from what I’m hearing, Paramount is NOT dropping HD-DVD in favor of Blu-Ray. At least, not at the moment. That said, Blue-Ray still has about 75% of the market at the moment, and momentum is rising in their favor.

So it may not be over for HD-DVD yet, but the writing’s appearing on the wall.

iTunes: Prisoner by King’s X

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Nov 012007

“Buffy” veterans playing in “Dollhouse” – Yahoo! News

… and Eliza’s coming along for the ride. Just watch Fox screw this up the way they did Firefly. But as stunned as I am that Fox is willing to go for another round of the “Whedon Sci-Fi project”, and that he’d be willing to do likewise with Fox, I’m just happy to be getting me some more Joss goodness.

Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me.


Add Tim Minear to the list of former Buffyverse cohorts involved in Dollhouse.


More info including actual conversation with Joss Whedon himself, this time from noted Joss-stalker Watch with Kristen.

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