Jun 302010

HockeyBuzz.com – Eklund – RUMORS OF OFFER SHEETS: Antti Niemi and Bobby Ryan. LA/StL/Tor Kovalchuk

The most definitive offer sheet rumor I am hearing is that of Antti Niemi. Sources have confirmed to me the following: “There is a team out West who feels by tendering an offer sheet to Niemi they would not only help themselves, but also hurt the Hawks as well, since the Hawks are up against the Cap and would not be able to match to sign Niemi.”

Hmm… who could that team out West be?

Niemi would look good in teal. Very good.

Now if I could just figure out what the heck Doug Wilson was thinking by signing Wallin to a $2.5 Million contract…

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May 012008

I just cannot figure the Sharks out. They have all the talent in the world… skilled, huge, fast, you name it.

At least last night they showed up and put it on the glass when the time came. Seems like they only play really well when they *have* to. Well… every game from here on out in the series is a *must win*, so hopefully that bodes well (being down 3 games to 0 in a best of 7 series will do that.)

After last night’s win, i saw a fun little comment in a blog about the game and the upcoming Game 5:

When the Sharks are at home staring into the abyss, really crazy stuff seems to happen: Like Joe Thornton scoring a playoff goal and Jeremy Roenick playing like it’s NHL ’94 again. San Jose remains a dangerous team; and not just, in the words of Mr. Plank at We Bleed Teal, because Patrick Marleau has “been rocking it shorthanded like Rick Allen of Def Leppard.”

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Apr 202008

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing, and as usual it dominates my life. The Sharks are in a brutal series with the Calgary Flames. It’s been physical, nasty, borderline dirty at times… but a great series nonetheless. I can tell I’ve got the mania, because the last serveral games have been every other day. And for game 5 (tomorrow at 5PM), there has been an extra day’s layoff. And I’m really feeling it! The scary thing is that Boy seems to be as well! *grin*

Anyway… here’s the playoff beard as it stands right now.

Photo 91.jpg

I started at the end of the regular season though, rather than the first playoff game. So I’ve got a little bit of a head start.

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Mar 182008

So we took Boy to his first professional hockey game a couple of weeks ago. We went to see the Stockton Thunder (ECHL) play, and he had a great time. He was pretty good through out the game, which was the big concern… would he be happy to sit through an entire hockey game without getting antsy and irritating the heck out of our neighbors?

So he passed. Which brings us to Friday night: The San Jose Sharks versus the St. Louis Blues.


iTunes: The Door by Neal Morse, from Sola Scriptura

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Nov 132007

Jeremy Roenick scored his 500th career goal on Saturday night. He’s long been a favorite player of mine (If you’ve ever wonder why I’ve been wearing #27 since my second season playing the game, which was around 1994, well now you know.) and I was overjoyed to see him sign with the Sharks, even though I didn’t expect he’d have much of an impact at this point in his career. I was dead wrong, and thankfully so. He’s had a strong positive impact on the team both on and off the ice.

Congratulations to Jeremy for becoming only the 40th player ever, and only the 3rd american, to reach this milestone. The way he’s carried himself makes me proud to be a fan of Jeremy Roenick, a fan of the San Jose Sharks, and an american hockey player.

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