Dec 192008

Night one of the Nativity went pretty well last night, a few technical difficulties notwithstanding (curse you, Scene 5!).

Anyway, here’s Boy in a brief respite from his dramatic interpretation of the child Jesus…


iTunes: Gift of a Thistle by James Horner , from Braveheart Soundtrack

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Sep 022008

1. Finally, after about 5 years of threatening, I have installed ceiling mounts in the garage for our bikes. Woo.

2. Put in the new kitchen table. Well… not really new. It’s old. But it’s new for us. And apparently Wife has grown to hate the old one, so this is definitely a win. Happy wife, happy life.

3. Finally bought some canned air and blew out my Powermac G5, in the distant hope that it would affect the constant fan cycling that I’ve been experiencing for some time now. Guess what? IT WORKED! Of course, as I tore the system apart to do so, I could see why. The CPU heat-sink was literally covered in a coat of dust. Looked like a dead rodent, in fact. Anyway, since completing the process, my CPU fans have been idling at a nearly-silent 1250 rpms. Bliss.

Oh, and bonus points… I finally purchased MarsEdit for making my blog entries. Great software, I love small Mac developers, and I grew tired of being a hypocrite. Viva la Macintosh. And as soon as they come up with MarsEdit for iPhone (yes Virginia, it is on the way), I will be all over it.

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Jul 282008

My grandpa died this weekend. He was 91, and he’d lived a long life and come through a lot. But eventually you just get to the point where your body’s giving out, and things stop working. He was ready to go, if that makes any sense… it’s still hard to say goodbye to family, even if it’s only for a short time (this life is but a vapor).

I am more pragmatic about it, I admit. He was my last living grandparent, and I’ve been through this before. I’m sure that it’s not totally sunk in just yet, but I understand that death is a natural part of things. To quote Queen, “Who Wants to Live Forever?”, when there’s so much more waiting for you on the other side? I suspect that if it were one of my parents, I would be an absolute wreck. Death is an odd thing, especially when you’re trying to explain it to a four year old, and getting him to understand that he can’t see his Boppy anymore until we all go to live with Jesus.

Some of the more interesting comments from this weekend:

Me: “Nonnor, We aren’t going to see Boppy anymore because he went to live with Jesus.”

Boy: “Maybe Jesus can come to live with Boppy instead.”

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Mar 292008

This week has been kicking my butt.

Work has been just insane, I’ve barely had time to stop and catch my breath! At least the week’s over. The fam got back on Thursday night and I picked them up from the airport after work. I didn’t sleep very well this week, which is just what happens when you’re used to someone else being in bed to snuggle up to.

Anyway, it’s been super busy at work lately. Just what happens when you have too much work and not enough people, I suppose. Anyway, on Wednesday we had a welcome respite… even if only for a moment. We had a helpdesk ticket come across the wire with the title… (wait for it)…

“Customer’s PAGER got FLUSHED down the TOILET”

The caps were part of the ticket, which leads me to believe that Tier One helpdesk thought it was as funny as we did.

Anyway… glad the week’s over.

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Mar 182008

So we took Boy to his first professional hockey game a couple of weeks ago. We went to see the Stockton Thunder (ECHL) play, and he had a great time. He was pretty good through out the game, which was the big concern… would he be happy to sit through an entire hockey game without getting antsy and irritating the heck out of our neighbors?

So he passed. Which brings us to Friday night: The San Jose Sharks versus the St. Louis Blues.


iTunes: The Door by Neal Morse, from Sola Scriptura

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Jan 062008

Well… sort of. But we had a great time ice skating today. Sure, he wasn’t exactly a hockey player, but he did pretty well for his first time ever. He hasn’t even been on rollerblades before!


QuickTime Movie:

Boy on Skates

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Oct 042007

So sometimes when we’re getting ready to go somewhere, Boy asks if he can ‘plug in keys’ to the car. Normally, that’s not a big deal. He sits in the seat, pushes the keys to the Element into the ignition and then pretends to drive, sliding his hands around the steering wheel. So when he asked to ‘plug in keys’ last week, we didn’t think much of it. Hand Boy the keys. He picks out the big black key and sticks it in the slot. Then he turns the key and starts the car up, looking up at me with a sweet smile, as though it’s no big deal.


Note to self… don’t do that anymore.

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